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We’re happy to introduce you to MoPix, the latest of our upstarts to exit beta and launch to the public.

Like fellow Portland-grown video processing software powerhouse Elemental Technologies, MoPix is disrupting film distribution through technology. The MoPix solution empowers self-distribution by letting any independent film creator – that means everything from feature films to fitness videos – package film content into a high-quality DVD-like experience. That package can be instantly deployed across all of the major mobile and smart TV platforms, or embedded on a web site using a widget for playback and purchase.

Best of all, MoPix lets any content creator make their own packages of video combined with bonus content using MoPix’s self-service tools – that means films can be distributed by their creators, cutting out the middleman. As they put it, MoPix “closes the gap between traditional channels and the demand for direct distribution” and lets producers take their films directly to the audience.

Upstart Labs began working with MoPix as they completed their time in the PIE program here in Portland. Our team contributed to the development of the MoPix content management system, while also helping to position MoPix to investors and assisting with enterprise sales efforts.

Since “graduating” from Upstart (and from PIE, and from 500 Startups!), MoPix acquired mobile video software startup Fling Soft and has grown their team. The company has signed distribution agreements with independent film distributors Film Baby and R Squared, with deals representing thousands of additional titles in the works.

MoPix’s launch announcement generated kudos from Techcrunch, CNET and Marketwatch, and we expect the buzz to keep growing along with their library of film titles. Check out this recent Meet The Startup interview to hear from MoPix CTO, Drew Aculiffe:

Screen Shot 2012 09 05 At 9.44.36 Am

For more information about MoPix, visit www.getmopix.com. You can even submit your film for consideration – the MoPix team will send instructions as to how to get up and running.

Congratulations to the MoPix team!


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