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Brian Kurth spent years helping people discover new careers – in everything from marketing to make-up artistry – and last year, he decided it was time to find his own new direction. Brian had the idea of modernizing his seven-year-old business, VocationVacations, and creating a marketplace for career expertise delivered virtually via one-on-one videoconferences. He came to Upstart Labs to make it happen.

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Today, I'm excited to announce that our newest Upstart, PivotPlanet, is live to the public. Now anyone looking to "pivot" to a new career can search for an advisor, book a one-hour, one-on-one meeting with that advisor for as little as $50, and get the personalized advice they need to take the next step.

The best part about PivotPlanet's advisors is how professional they are at delivering career expertise. Brian and his team carefully screen potential advisers, who are required to demonstrate expertise in their field along with a capacity for career mentorship, and select only those advisers who will make excellent career counselors. In this way, his platform can deliver advice to anyone – aspiring entrepreneurs, recent college graduates, moms returning to the workforce, baby boomers looking for "encore careers" – anyone ready for their second (or even first) act.

We see several applications for this marketplace beyond the obvious resource it provides for consumers. For example, corporations could use PivotPlanet to augment or even replace traditional outplacement services, or leverage PivotPlanet's platform to run an external mentoring program. Universities could offer PivotPlanet conferences as resources to alumni. Professional associations could connect members with experts, or become advisors themselves in order to boost their profession's profile.

As someone with a lot of background in human resources technology, I've been so pleased to be a part of PivotPlanet. It's clear that a personal network is a job seeker's most powerful weapon – and PivotPlanet is a way to both grow your career network and really leverage it to your advantage. We at Upstart Labs look forward to seeing the PivotPlanet network grow and thrive.


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