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Cheers to Taplister


Kerry Finsand is a self-proclaimed “beer geek” – he was using words like “firkin” and “degrees Plato” well before craft beer became cool. But, more importantly to us at Upstart Labs, Kerry believed that craft beer was big business, and we’ve joined him on the path to proving that true. Taplister Sticker

For the uninitiated, Taplister is an online community that has existed for several years. The system is powered by the beer community, with the goal of helping beer drinkers and bar owners discover craft beer. The site is a directory of real-time beer menus (tap lists) from bars and restaurants nationwide – a tool that lets both consumers and bar managers keep tap lists up to date and discover new craft beers.

Kerry became an Upstart in April 2012. His company, Taplister, had been around for about three years, mostly as a side project. But this spring, Kerry started making some big moves – he planned a new technical architecture that simplified beer updates and made them more accurate; a partnership with the world’s largest online database of beer, RateBeer.com; and the purchase of a Newport-based startup that created digital beer menu boards for bars and restaurants.

For the last six months, the beer-loving Upstart Labs team has been cranking away on a new Taplister.com and Taplister app for iPhone. We’ve re-branded, re-architected and re-designed Taplister.com to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing. We also created a new app for iOS to help consumers find their favorite beer and nearby bars, and most importantly, quickly update tap lists.

Today the brand-new Taplister.com and iOS app are live and out of beta. Taplister’s new tap list management system helps bars and restaurants instantly publish their changing beer menus to a Digital Beer Board™, Facebook, Twitter, mobile devices, a website, and Taplister.com. And consumers.

So whether you’re in Portland, Houston, Brooklyn or anywhere in between, head to Taplister.com and check it out for yourself.




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