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Portfolio News: Chirpify brings e-commerce to Facebook, y'all.


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It seems as though Upstart Labs' first graduate, Chirpify, just can't stay out of the news. CNET, Digital Trends and AllFacebook are buzzing about Chirpify's latest release: In-stream social commerce on Facebook.

Yesterday, Chirpify announced that superstar Tim McGraw was using Chirpify to sell a special edition of his latest album through his Facebook fan page. Although it's not a huge departure from Chirpify's existing purchasing capabilities via Twitter and Instagram, this announcement is significant because it's one of the first ever in-stream Facebook commerce campaigns. 

Even more impressive is the fact that the album sold out just hours after McGraw posted it to Facebook. If that's not a sign that Chirpify is moving in the right direction, we don't know what is.

McGraw clearly knows what's up. Visit Chirpify.com to see for yourself.


Portfolio News: Fashion world embraces social shopping


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Sunday's New York Times Fashion & Style section featured an article about how the world of fashion is slowly jumping on the social shopping bandwagon. Sites like Motilo.com – where users can create and buy virtual outfits, The Love List from Marc Jacobs – which enables consumers to tell friends via social networking which products they love for friends to ultimately purchase as gifts, and finally, Upstart Labs alum Chirpify

Chirpify brings e-commerce to Twitter and Instagram with the click of a button. It's a natural fit for the industry given that shopping is, by nature, social. However, the article explains that these advancements are big doings for the fashion industry, which is typically not framed for early adoption of technology.

So far, the results speak for themselves.

Chirpify’s “frictionless transaction” — there are no virtual shopping carts or baskets, as found on many e-commerce sites — has seen it turn 4 percent of its browsers into shoppers, according to its founder, Chris Teso, double the usual e-commerce rate of 2 percent.

Read the full article here, or sign up for Chirpify.com to get started.


Portfolio News: Celly raises $1.4 million and announces new iOS app


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Facebook and Twitter are perfect for sharing personal vacation photos. Yammer is a great platform for sharing project plans at work. And text messaging is a handy tool for communication with groups of 10 or less. But the world is made up of more complex sharing. Organizations like neighborhood watch groups, schools districts, city departments and hospitals need something different.

We told you about Celly last year when we were hired by founders Russell Okamoto and Greg Passmore to help with marketing and product development. Russell and Greg recognized the limitations of existing social networks and have designed a truly compelling product that meets the needs of groups. Celly resonates with group communication needs by enabling groups to create networks that mirror real-life communication. Unlike other existing social networks, Celly allows for instant, flexible, and scalable communication between people and groups.

Last week, Celly announced that it has raised $1.4 million in funding led by Oregon Angel Fund (OAF) with participation from Upstart Labs and individual investors. Celly also announced the availability of their new (free!!) iPhone app. The app brings a rich experience to iPhone users, while retaining all the flexibility and control of Celly’s platform. Read more about this exciting news in TechCrunch, The Next Web, BetaKit and The Portland Business Journal.

Since launching last fall, more than 200,000 students, educators, coworkers, local governments, communities, teams and national Occupy Movements have embraced Celly. Schools use the service for teacher-student and parent-teacher communications. The City of Portland leverages Celly to keep citizens informed of important activities related to gang activity and neighborhood safety. Hospitals use Celly to communicate two-way messages and emergency alerts. The service also brings together aid workers and community members as part of the Hurricane Sandy Relief effort, making it easier to know where supplies and volunteers are needed.

Congrats to Russell and Greg on this month's announcement. We’re honored to be part of your ongoing momentum.

Interested in learning more? Get started with Celly at cel.ly.



Portfolio News: Menuish in GeekWire


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In case you missed Wednesday's announcement, Menuish – a joint venture between Upstart Labs, Chris Eigner and Devon Harless – launched this week. GeekWire did a great job of telling the adorable story of how Menuish came to be:

Like many other couples hitting the town for a bite, Chris and Devon started scrolling through their phones to find a good place to eat. But much to their frustration, most restaurants have flash-filled websites that are difficult to navigate... So after dinner that night nine months ago, they set out to make it easier for hungry consumers to locate menus. The result is a new app called Menuish that shows you menus from local restaurants in a format you can read on your phone.

Read the full article here, or click through some of the other Menuish coverage below:


Portfolio News: Chirpify in Fortune/CNN Money


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We've been raving about Chirpify – our very first Upstart Labs graduate – for a while now. And we're certainly not the only ones. Today Fortune/CNN Money named Chirpify 1 of 7 social networks to watch in 2013, along with a handful of other impressive platforms including Pheed, Medium and Thumb. Check out the full article here, and then give Chirpify a spin, if you haven't already.



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