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Portfolio News: Menuish in GeekWire


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In case you missed Wednesday's announcement, Menuish – a joint venture between Upstart Labs, Chris Eigner and Devon Harless – launched this week. GeekWire did a great job of telling the adorable story of how Menuish came to be:

Like many other couples hitting the town for a bite, Chris and Devon started scrolling through their phones to find a good place to eat. But much to their frustration, most restaurants have flash-filled websites that are difficult to navigate... So after dinner that night nine months ago, they set out to make it easier for hungry consumers to locate menus. The result is a new app called Menuish that shows you menus from local restaurants in a format you can read on your phone.

Read the full article here, or click through some of the other Menuish coverage below:


Tired of squinting at menus on your iPhone? Get Menuish.


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Developers Chris Eigner and Devon Harless found themselves spending a lot of time during their courtship cursing at their iPhones. Planning a dinner date is hard enough – tiny, awful online restaurant web sites don’t make things any easier.

Chris and Devon approached Upstart Labs with a concept for an iPhone app that made searching and viewing restaurant menus usable. We approached this project as a joint venture, lending our iOS and marketing skills to the founders’ design and development skills.

Chris and Devon’s app, Menuish, lets hungry iPhone users search for local restaurant menus by restaurant name, menu name or even dish, and displays restaurant menus in a format that's easy to read. Along with menus, you’ll find hours of operation, reviews from Google and Yelp, links to Facebook and Yelp profiles of the restaurants, and contact information. Best yet, you can save menus to a “Favorites” file for quick access on take out nights.

The app has hundreds of thousands of restaurant menus in more than 13,000 cities nationwide, thanks to a data partnership with industry leader SinglePlatform.

Congrats on the launch to Chris and Devon! This calls for dinner out.



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