• Gigaom

    Upstart Labs

    Oregon accelerator Upstart gets hip to enterprise startup trend


    Upstart Labs, an accelerator, has teamed up with Rogue Venture Partners in a deal that will provide more funding for enterprise-oriented startups...The news falls in line with more interest among investors lately in funding enterprise-facing companies than consumer-facing ones. In November, VC Fred Wilson wrote about the trend, particularly in the context of later-stage investments.

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  • Venturebeat

    Upstart Labs

    Upstart Labs puts Portlandia spin on startup acceleration

    Venture Beat

    Portland may be best known for dark beer, bird-adorned crafts, and beflanneled hipsters, but it also has a burbling startup scene. Upstart Labs, an early stage fund and startup incubator in Portland, is continuing to churn with added funding, new investments, and an expanded team. Today, it formally announced a partnership with Oregon-centric firm Rogue Venture Partners and revealed two joint investments.

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  • Tnw

    Upstart Labs

    Upstart Labs teams with Rogue Venture Partners to support early-stage startups, adds two new partners


    The combination of the two organizations will help give startups a better chance of success as they receive additional support as they get build its business. Tom Sperry, General Partner at RVP, says that he “wants our early-stage companies to have the absolute best chance of success. By co-investing with Upstart Labs, we give our portfolio companies access to a team who will help them build their business for sustainable growth.

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  • Oregonlive

    Upstart Labs

    Upstart Labs secures investment backing for its startup incubator


    Portland's Upstart Labs has secured new investment for its unusual approach to incubating startups, and made new investments in two young companies. Upstart sees itself playing an intermediary role, providing expertise to help early-stage companies graduate from those incubators to their first round of venture capital.

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  • Pdxbizjournal

    Upstart Labs

    Upstart pumps its labs

    Portland Business Journal

    Upstart Labs has teamed up with an outside investor in its effort to boost companies not quite big enough to attract venture capital, filling a critical void in Portland’s funding ecosystem. The Portland-based business incubator announced Friday it joined with Rogue Venture Partners to invest in Juked and Measureful.

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  • Forbes


    Meet Your Virtual Mentor


    A good mentoring relationship grows organically over time. It takes nurturing. Almost universally, the workers I know who have made a successful transition to new work… had at least one person they could turn to when the ground got shaky... And that’s precisely what PivotPlanet has in mind.

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  • Mashable


    6 Apps You Don't Want To Miss


    Looking for your favorite IPA while traveling? Want to make sure the bar you’re going to tonight is still carrying your favorite brew? <a href="http://www.taplister.com">Taplister</a> is a new service that lets you check local taps and find the beers you want near you.

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  • Cbsnews


    Should you pay for mentoring?


    Kurth just launched a new business called PivotPlanet...the website basically offers paid mentoring from <a href="https://www.pivotplanet.com/browse">experts in a host of different fields</a>, including composer, animal therapist, interior designer, DJ, tiny home builder, spa owner, travel writer, and other lines of work that actually sound cool when you describe them at parties.

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  • Cnet


    How one start-up is turning movies into mobile apps


    MoPix is working with the independent film community, since studio movies have their own system that is difficult for the company to break into... The company said that of the 5,300 films submitted to the Sundance Film Festival, 232 are shown and fewer than 100 get picked up by a distributor.

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